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Providing cosmetic surgery in Subiaco and Perth. The Plastic Surgery Centre in Subiaco, Perth provides a wide range of cosmetic surgery treatments including breast implants, breast reduction, rhinoplasty (nose jobs), liposuction, skin peels and microdermabrasion Providing breast, facial, body and non-surgical beauty treatments in Perth. Cosmetic Surgeons Perth - Members of the Australian Social of Plastic Surgeons Download your Patient Medical History form that you can bring to your appointment Media Centre - Cosmetic surgery articles and special offers from the Western Australian Plastic Surgery Centre in Subiaco Cosmetic Surgery in Subiaco and Perth - Providing breast implants, breast reductions, rhinoplasty (nose surgery), tummy tucks and facelifts.
Providing cosmetic surgery in Subiaco and Perth. The Western Australia Plastic Surgery Centre in Subiaco, Perth provides a wide range of cosmetic surgery treatments including breast implants, breast reduction, rhinoplasty (nose jobs), tummy tucks and facelifts.

Reconstructive surgery

Blood Transfusions

In cases of implant reconstruction using tissue expansion, blood transfusion is rarely necessary. Other flap repairs such as the Latissimus Dorsi procedure occasionally require blood.

Wherever possible, most surgeons recommend autologous transfusion for the TRAM flap and other microsurgical reconstruction operations. That simply means that the Blood Bank will take two or three bottles of your own blood from you over a period of 4 weeks or so before the operation, allowing your body time to replace the blood taken. This is stored under refrigeration, to be used if you require a transfusion. In rare cases of abnormal bleeding, blood from the general Blood Bank might be necessary, but that would only be used if the doctors felt your health was in serious danger without it. When you have autologous blood taken, the Blood Bank tests for AIDS, as well as Hepatitis B & C.

Pre-operative Tests

Dependent on your age and state of health, your doctor might request several pre-operative tests to determine your fitness for surgery. The minimum requirement would be for a full blood count, usually performed after you have completed giving your own blood. However, your doctor might also order a cardiograph (ECG), chest x-ray, spirometry (lung function tests), a screening test for Hepatitis & HIV (AIDS), and sometimes tests to check the level of electrolytes in the blood, particularly if you are taking diuretics. You will receive an account for these tests that can be submitted to Medicare. The final judge of your fitness for anaesthetic is the anaesthetist, who will see you just before surgery. In rare cases, anesthetists are compelled to cancel operations because they believe the patient might be at risk, particularly in the cases of a recent chest infection or chest pain.

During the operation, your surgeon will remove scar tissue from the mastectomy area, and sometimes tissue from the chest or armpit. It is routine to send these tissue specimens to the pathologist to be checked for the presence of cancer, although a positive result is very rare. You will receive an account from the Pathologist for this. You will also probably have a blood count in the first one or two post-operative days to check whether enough of your own blood has been given to you.

Personal Preparation

As breast reconstruction is usually elective, there is time to make some lifestyle changes that will be beneficial. If you are overweight, it might be wise to shed a few kilos and at the same time improve your fitness. Walking for a minimum half-hour a day to the puffing level is good and swimming is even better. A low fat diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables is advisable. Smokers should give up completely, and must be totally off all cigarettes and nicotine substitutes such as patches, gum, etc. 3 weeks before TRAM flap surgery, as smoking greatly increases the risk of failure. If you are taking aspirin, Disprin, Cardiprin, Cartia or any of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents such as Naprosyn, Indocid, Feldene, Brufen, Orudis and Voltaren, you must inform your surgeon as these Mrugs increase the risk of bleeding and should be discontinued at least four weeks before surgery.

Nipple Reconstruction

In most cases, nipple reconstruction is no problem, but this small operation is usually performed at least three months after the main breast reconstruction because the new breast will be typically higher than the other and will sag somewhat over time. This means that if reconstructed too soon, the nipple may end up too high or too low. The nipple is usually fashioned from a small tongue of skin lifted up from the mound of breast tissue previously created by the flap. A small skin graft is necessary to replace the tongue of skin and form part of the areola (the brown skin around the nipple). The graft is usually taken from one or other end of the abdominal scar, and is a Day Stay procedure with a very light anaesthetic.

Sometimes the surgeon will take the opportunity to slightly refashion the breast shape at that time by revising the breast scars, occasionally also using liposuction and in these cases an overnight hospital stay could be advised. The finishing touches to the nipple come about six weeks later when the surgeon will arrange for the colour of the nipple and areola to be matched to the other breast, using a medical tattoo technique.

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Providing cosmetic surgery in Subiaco and Perth. We provide breast implants, breast reductions, facelifts, liposuction and tummy tucks.


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