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Breast Reduction

What is a breast reduction?

Breast reduction, also known as reduction mammaplasty, is a surgical procedure aimed at reducing overly large or sagging breasts to a more comfortable shape and size.

This procedure can be performed for aesthetic (cosmetic) purposes or for medical/functional reasons, the latter being dependent on strict Medicare eligibility criteria.

When is a breast reduction desirable?

This procedure is indicated if you feel uncomfortable with your large breasts. You may suffer pain in the breasts, shoulders, lower neck or back. You may also have discomfort during physical activity. A breast operation minimises these problems, enhances the posture, and helps improve your overall appearance and self-esteem.

How would a breast reduction help me?

A consultation with your Specialist Plastic Surgeon is the first step in considering a breast reduction. You should frankly discuss your goals and expectations, and your plastic surgeon will explain to you whether this procedure is right for you. Special examination techniques like mammography (x-rays) may be required before the final decision. You should always keep in mind that the desired result is an improvement, not perfection.

How important are psychological factors in relation to a breast reduction?

Emotional stability is the primary factor to be considered before any surgery is performed. A “new body” does not guarantee a new life or an end to all personal problems. It is mostly the mental attitude of the individual that determines a successful outcome. A breast reduction can improve your appearance and renew your self-confidence; the rest is entirely up to you.

How is a breast reduction performed?

There are currently several techniques for breast reduction surgery. They all aim to remove excess breast tissue, recontour the breasts, and reposition the nipples. Your plastic surgeon will take your physical condition and requirements into consideration, and will determine which technique would be best for you.

Breast reduction surgery is performed in Perth in a fully-accredited hospital under general anaesthesia. Although the average length of stay is one to two nights, you should discuss the details of your recovery period with your surgeon.

Are there any side effects of breast reduction?

To prevent any fluid or blood accumulation, thin tubes called a drains may be temporarily placed under the skin while you’re in hospital. The scars are situated around the areolae of the nipple and under the breasts. They usually fade over 6-12 months. Thus, although scars will be present, most patients believe they are worth it. There may be an alteration in sensation of the nipples, but this often improves with time. Current techniques of breast reduction may preserve the ability to breast feed but you should discuss this with your surgeon. There is normally a slight difference in size between the breasts and this may persist following your procedure.

Will the breast reduction procedure leave any scars?

Although your surgeon will make every effort to keep them as inconspicuous as possible, scars are the inevitable result of any surgery. The scars should however be hidden on the under-surface of the breasts and thus become less visible after a period of time. Some patients have a tendency to develop thick scars and you should advise your surgeon if you are aware of this tendency in yourself.

What results can I expect from a breast reduction?

The goal of your surgery is to reduce your breasts to a size that is in better proportion with your physique and makes you feel more comfortable. Your surgeon is the best person to determine whether your expectations are achievable.

When can I resume normal activities following a breast reduction?

Most patients are back to their regular routine in about three weeks. To permit proper healing, you should avoid excessive exercise for the first six weeks. Returning to work or your normal activities is an individual matter, and your surgeon will advise you. You will have to wear post-surgical compression garments for up to six weeks to reduce swelling and assist with the healing process.

How much does this procedure cost?

Please contact us online or call us on (08) 9380 0333 and one of our medical secretaries can provide you with more information. Please note that pricing does vary from case to case.


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