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Ear correction surgery: How it can help!

Whilst protruding ears are a sign of good fortune in many cultures, unfortunately in Australia they can be the cause of ridicule and teasing, particularly amongst children.

This can lead to issues both socially and psychologically, including bullying from peers, self-consciousness, embarrassment and low self-esteem. These uncomfortable feelings of insecurity can have long-term detrimental effects on a person’s quality of life, but there is a surgical procedure that may help.

If your child has protruding ears (bat ears), excess ear cartilage or unevenly-shaped ears, they may benefit from ear correction surgery in Perth – also known as an otoplasty. This plastic surgery procedure is usually performed after the age of 5 (when the ear cartilage is still soft) and is intended to change the angle or shape of the ears. Adults can also undergo this procedure however, it is important to be aware Medicare do not provide any rebates for ear correction surgery on patients aged 18 and over.

If you are considering an otoplasty procedure for you or your child, we encourage you to book an initial consultation with one of our Specialist Plastic Surgeons where you will be able to discuss desired outcomes and learn further about what options are available.